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Hello! My name is Andie, I am a freshman in college and I like to draw and buy things. I’m pretty fast and I use different ways to color and line a lot, so pricing is pretty tricky for me. I’m much more comfortable doing fast sketchy stuff in comparison to tighter/cleaner drawings. (if this gives any help as to how i range prices) I also really enjoy doing lineless but it’s much more time consuming.

-If I am not busy with schoolwork or other things I will try to start your picture asap. 

-I’ll draw ocs, fan ocs, not your ocs, you, people, furries, animals, my dog, your dog, varying levels of injuries,  gore and maybe nsfw (but please ask first, as I am squeamish and not comfortable regarding certain things)

-Prices vary depending on complexity. 

-If you want an image to be transparent please specify ahead of time.

-For more examples: my art blog is kunkie-art 

contact info:

my email and paypal is andgator@yahoo.com

feel free to send me an ask on here on this tumblr dot com

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Hi guys! 

I know you guys are super sick of seeing me advertise some form of commission, but these aren’t really for me. I can’t get too much into detail because its not really my information to tell. But a good friend of mine tumblr user spaloonbabooguuscooties is in a real bad situation, one that’s currently left her without water and pretty soon here electricity, even food.

Now Em and I have been plannin for sometime to go up and get her, but with the fact that we have been short on cash, that was sort of out of the question. With the way things are currently going, however, we’d like to get up there as soon as possible and to do that we need your help!

The amount we’re hoping to get to is about 300 this would cover gas, food and hotel expenses for a pretty much round trip visit. Above are my usual examples and prices and Em (tumblr user dorkasslameo) is also offering doodles for those of you who donate a little more. I know its pretty soon, but we’re hoping to get to do this by thursday after that I’ll be starting my new job and then we don’t know when we’ll get another chance like this. 

As always you can reach me here and in an e-mail. My e-mail is at nisha.dickerson@hotmail.com and is also the name of my paypal. Anything and everything is appreciated.

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