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Drink tears

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tell me about yourself (◡‿◡✿)


name: ANDIE
age: 18
sexuality: ace
eye colour:  ICE ICE BABY blue
height: 5’11” and a half


favourite season?: autumn
favourite movie/s?: Vanhelsing, Rango, Hugo
favourite album?:  Everything goes numb, Polkas not Dead, The Illusion of Safety
favourite band?: Man Man, Dreadnoughts 
favourite quote?: Uhh.. I like that one that’s like ‘take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints’
favourite shirt?: This cute orange croptop with black designs on it and a sorta lace back. Love that shirt

  • DO YOU

smoke?: No
drink?: Nope
write?: ..ssssometimes. I should more tho
draw?: A lot
play an instrument?: No..


your favourite place: Really anywhere outside by trees away from everyone and everything.. Walking on paths or Just sitting.
your favourite memory: 
your ideal partner: A trophy husband to stand there, look pretty, and cook for me. Oh and beat the hard parts of games for me too.
your bedroom: theres lots of reds, pinks and golds in here. Theres a lot of pictures on the wall and my shelves are full of books and movies and it feels really cozy and warm in here. 

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I’m gonna be on a plane for about 3 hours and then however long the car ride is tomorrow and if I don’t sleep through the whole thing (like two weeks ago) then I probably will draw. Tell me what I should doodle.

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@sellerdoor said: but important question: what would his theme song in the lion king be like

A disney version of Styx’s Renegade

with a rap part somewhere

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Ok I need to figure out a playlist for my brother. I’m gonna burn a CD for the car for when he gets it. I only have two songs figured out, it’ll start with The Sound of Silence, and it’ll also have darkhorse.

maybe it’ll be just darkhorse remixes

I also don’t want him to hate the CD either, thats the problem hmmm

but i know he likes those two songs

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